Volunteer MBC 4th Annual Awards Ceremony 2014

On April 10th I had the pleasure of covering the Volunteer awards ceremony and AGM for Volunteer Mississauga Brampton Caledon at Greenbriar Recreation Centre.  VMBC promotes volunteerism and runs an excellent volunteer-opportunity search engine (think Monster.com for volunteering) at http://peel.cioc.ca/volunteer/.  Once a year during National Volunteer Week, they honour volunteers who stand out for work in our community.

I've covered several events for VMBC including awards ceremonies, open-houses and the opening of their office in Caledon, ON.  Besides the good work they do for the community, I have always been eager to support them for my own personal reasons.  When I first came to Canada, I was able to find two volunteering opportunities through their database – one as a volunteer teacher, and another doing grants research for VMBC.  Now that I'm more established, I still donate my time and energy to them in the form of my photography.