Linkedin & Hispanotech Event Photography

Photography always takes you to compelling and thought-provoking situations.  Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Perry Monaco (Twitter: @elvisrun / Linkedin:, Strategic Product Specialist for the major social networking site Linkedin, give a talk on how best to leverage his employer's network to more effectively search for jobs.  The location was the sleek Bay Adelaide Centre on Bay Street in the central core of Toronto.  It was a lively talk, with much useful information, given as part of a series for (Twitter: @hispanotech), a non-profit aimed at supporting the Canadian hispanic community in the technology sector.

Photographing events like this is in some ways straightforward documentary photography, but there are definitely challenges.  Photographing people in the act of giving a speech requires precision, to ensure you get photographs that show the speaker comfortable and natural, rather than mid-word/mid-blink/mid-gesture.  Fortunately, everything seemed to work out, and Mr. Monaco has now updated his Linkedin profile to one of the ones I created at the event.